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The Fugitive of Gezi Park

In May we publish a new novel by the British-Turkish author, Deniz Goran - her first in fifteen years. The Fugitive of Gezi Park is set between the London art world and the days surrounding the Gezi Park protests in Istanbul. It follows the relationship between Lucian, an eccentric but troubled gallery owner, and Ada, a young Turkish woman working at a London art fair while she awaits trial in Istanbul for her involvement in the protests.

The Gezi Park protests (2013) are regarded as a pivotal moment and breaking point in Turkey’s volatile recent history. What began as a sit-in demonstration against the demolition of a green space in Istanbul, snowballed into nationwide protests against freedom of expression, press freedom and policies of the government in general. The protests lasted for weeks, and for many in Turkey - particularly those with a more liberal, westernised or secular mindset - they still hold great significance.

The publication date of May 2023 marks the 10th anniversary of the start of the protests. Additionally, the book arrives in the month of an important general election in Turkey, one which is likely to determine the trajectory of the country for years to come and have significant implications for the EU, European continent and beyond.

The UK edition of Goran's first novel, The Turkish Diplomat's Daughter, made headlines and sparked controversy in Turkey for its depiction of a sexually-liberal young Turkish woman.

Regarded as highly unusual for being written by a young, female author, the book was immediately condemned by the country's mainstream media. Goran appeared on newspaper front pages across Turkey and the book was translated into five languages, including Turkish, becoming a bestseller in her native country.

Like Goran's first book, The Fugitive of Gezi Park is a cry for freedom of expression and self-determination. Sensual, perceptive and at times bitingly funny, the novel is concerned with the nature of trauma and the link between political and personal struggle. It asks what it takes of us to begin all over again.

The Fugitive of Gezi Park is published on 31st May 2023. You can pre-order the book now from

Deniz Goran (Photo by Nilay Islek)

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