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What do the longest-serving Canadian Prime Minister and a ketamine-injecting psychonaut have in common? What would a poltergeist mongoose say if you spoke to him on a Ouija board? Would talking spiders be more believable if they had lips? These are some of the important questions Luke Thompson seeks to answer in this exploration of human-animal conversation. 


Spanning the ancient and modern, the scientific and the strange, Thompson’s journey takes him from the stories of King Solomon and Doctor Dolittle to medieval dragon-slayers and extraterrestrial aliens, via Harvard laboratories, Caribbean Waters, and the discipline of anthrozoology. 


Always eccentric and always fascinating, Domadomadoma-Blumblumblum sees Thompson navigate these peculiar landscapes - whether lowering himself into a flotation tank or training as a pet psychic - with many questions on his mind: What exactly do we want from conversations with our fellow animals? What portrait of the world do we paint when we envisage these communications? And how far are we willing to go to realise this dream? 

Domadomadoma-Blumblumblum: Conversations with Other Animals

Ships at the beginning of September 2024
  • Author: Luke Thompson

    Format: Paperback (198x129mm)

    ISBN: 978-1-7384667-1-9

    Publication date:  5th September 2024

    Cover Design by Donya Todd

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